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Delegation meet Billy Kelliher MEP on a recent visit to Killorglin

During Billy Kelliher MEP’s recent visit to Killorglin, Shane McElroy, Killorglin Chamber Alliance Chair, expressed his delight at being included in the delegation to meet with him.

One of the key focal points of the meeting was Killorglin’s Rural Regeneration plans. The community’s aspirations to revitalise the town centre, improve infrastructure, and create a vibrant and sustainable environment were discussed at length.

Another pressing issue that was brought to the forefront during the meeting was the high cost of business electricity. As a hurdle to economic growth and competitiveness, finding ways to reduce these costs is vital for local businesses.

Killorglin, like many other growing communities, faces challenges in providing adequate housing and tourism accommodation. These issues were recognised during the meeting.

During the meeting, the delegation had the chance to explore various EU funding opportunities through which Killorglin could tap into these resources. Whether through grants, programmes, or initiatives specifically aimed at rural regeneration.

Among the exciting topics discussed during the visit was the Bridge Lighting Project. This initiative aims to enhance the aesthetic appeal of Killorglin by illuminating its iconic bridge and showcasing the town’s rich heritage. The meeting allowed the delegation to discuss how funding could be ring-fenced and what are the necessary steps to make this project a reality.

Lastly, the delegation discussed the delayed EU-funded Wifi4EU scheme for Killorglin. This programme aims to provide free Wi-Fi access to residents and visitors, bridging the digital divide and fostering connectivity. Despite the delay, the meeting presented an opportunity to address the challenges and explore alternatives to expedite the implementation of this much-needed initiative.

Mr Kelliher was very open to the discussion points and was willing to offer assistance where he could.

📷 from left to right Leighanne Hill, Business Development Manager at The Bianconi, Billy Kelliher MEP, John France Flynn, Cathaoirleach at Kerry County Council, Shane McElroy, Killorglin Chamber Alliance Chair and Brian Jones from EuroSpar Killorglin.

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