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Branding our Town

There are no two ways about it branding is the most valuable asset to a business or even a town like Killorglin. Why? Because a brand is perceived by the world around it, and, like it or not, in an increasingly digital age, perception is reality.

Branding is one of the resoundingly smartest investments any business or town can make and we were delighted to have received funding from Kerry County Council to help develop Killorglin’s brand tools (logo, tagline and brand identity) and the website. This has allowed us to start the design process. So through a tendering process in 2018, we selected the right design and web development partner to help deliver the project.

In December, Paul Carney, who moved to Killorglin 6 years ago with his family, reached out to offer his professional services on a voluntary basis in order to support the Chamber and help shape and manage the #BrandingOurTown project. The process will be managed by Paul and like all other projects, they will be supported by a Project Sponsor who will report directly to the KCA Committee.

The new brand tools and website will enable us to share what’s happening in Killorglin with locals and visitors alike. will be used to help promote the town’s assets and effectively communicate the socio-economic plan updates, what’s on, supports available and so on. In time we’re hoping it will become a great community communication hub.

Collaboration is key so with this in mind one of our commitments is to have the local community and businesses have their say. So there will be a structured community engagement process to strike the balance between consultation and progress in delivering the brand tools and website.

In the coming weeks, we’ll reach out for feedback on the preferred logo design that will represent our town going forward.

We aim is to launch the town’s branding and website later in 2019.

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